The Landscape Photography of Andris Apse


I have  been photographing the New Zealand Landscape for more than 30 years and have accumulated more than 30,000 images, the majority of which are medium and large format colour transparencies which have been scanned to  very high quality files which are capable of being output to very large sizes.

The largest sizes used to date were on the sides of two Air New Zealand Boeing 747 aircraft and a banner covering many stories of a high rise building in Tokyo.

I have photographed all regions of New Zealand and it's outlying islands repeatedly over the past 30 years and my image collection is one of the most comprehensive available.

Look at  my CV in the about section of this site. Also included on that page is a list of my major books .

Over the years I have had a number of good reviews of my photography and I am very proud of these, so I  am including a few of these below.


Few people could do what Andris Apse did with a camera. He is like a bulldog persisting to grab hold of a great landform until he draws great pictures from it

Craig Potton, “Southland Times”

To say that Andris Apse is at the forefront of landscape photography in New Zealand would be an understatement. His unmistakeable flair and brilliance have transformed many of his pictures into works of art”                                                     

 Renzie Hanham. Book Introduction

“What sets this book apart are the artistic interplays of light and composition that evoke an emotional response in the viewer. When (images) done with the kind of aesthetic melding of composition and mood that Andris is able to accomplish over and over, the anticipation for the next page becomes almost unbearable. There is an underlying mellowness of light and emotional content.”

 Will Landon. Review in “Panorama” U.S.A.

“Apse’s independence distinguishes his book “New Zealand Landscapes” from a thousand look-alikes. It’s his personal distillation of a 20 year passion for New Zealand’s wild and lonely places – not a politically or geographically correct choice of images but pictures that mean something to him.”

 Jenny Chamberlain. “North and South

 “Andris Apse is a top league international photographer. He has a superb level of technical skill, a great feeling for composition and light, an incredible amount of patience and the business courage to pull it all together. His compositions are consistently exquisite and his subject sensitivity and absolute mastery of the craft are all evident in his work.”

 Harold Mason. “Photographers Mail”

“Andris Apse needs no introduction to photographers in this country. In pursuit of the ultimate landscape image he is the past master, infinitely patient, the driven man, the photographers photographer.

His complete dedication to the process of producing the most studied and thoughtful landscapes is evident in the images this book contains. Beautifully printed, cloth bound and slip cased, this first edition is an absolute joy to the senses.

Craig Potton Publishing has done justice to the quality of the imagery and I predict that this first edition will be an instant collectible, destined to fetch the sort of prices now achieved by Robin Morrison’s “From the Road” Don’t hesitate, as to miss this master work would be shameful”

 The Photographers Mail